Yang Ni

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Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics
Texas A&M University
3143 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843

Howdy! I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics, Texas A&M University. Before I joined Texas A&M, I was a post-doc fellow at UT Austin working with Peter Müller. I got my PhD degree in Statistics from Rice University, supervised by Francesco Stingo and Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani.

*I am unable to respond to emails regarding graduate school admission which is handled at the department level in Texas A&M. But feel free to email me or stop by my office if you are a student from our department and interested in my work.

Areas of Interest

Methodology:   Graphical models, Bayesian nonparametrics, big data computation, machine learning, random networks, variable selection, clustering and feature allocation, classification.

Science:   Gene/protein networks reconstruction, integrative genomics, brain connectomics, clinical trial design, tumor heterogeneity, precision medicine, biomarker detection, genetics, neuroscience, electronic health records.

*Last updated Jan 2019