Bani K. Mallick

Susan M. Arseven `75 Chair in Data Science and Computational Statistics

University Distinguished Professor

Director, Center for statistical Bioinformatics

Director, Bayesian Bioinformatics Laboratory

Texas A&M University

Office: 401B Blocker Building.
Hours: TBA

Phone: (979) 845-1275.(office)
FAX: (979) 845-3144.
Address: Statistics Department , Texas A&M University , College Station, TX 77843-3143 USA.


Awards and Honors

Editorial Service
Editor: Sankhya, B
Associate Editor: Journal of the American Statistical association, A&C
Associate Editor: SIAM Journal on Uncertainty Quantification
Associate Editor: Journal of Computation and Graphical Statistics
Associate Editor: Biostatistics

Funded by multiple NSF, NIH, DOE grants

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  • Course I'm Teaching

    STAT652 STAT633

    Research Interests

    Selected Publications (from 2011)

    Research Groups

  • Bayesian Bioinformatics Laboratory
  • Multiscale spatial models for petroleum mapping
  • Collaborations in Math and Geosciences

  • The books I have written

    Bayesian Analysis of gene expression Data, Wiley.

    Bayesian methods for nonlinear classification and Regression, Wiley, NY.

  • The books I have edited

    Former Ph.D Students

    D. Denison, (Winner of the Savage award, 1998, as the best Bayesian Thesis) (Lecturer, Imperial College, London, UK)
    C. Holmes, graduated (Professor, Oxford University, U.K)
    H. M. Kim. Graduated ( Professor, Konkuk Univeresity Korea)
    N. Rose (IBM)
    Kyeong Eun Lee. Graduated 2003 (Kyungpook University, Korea)
    Joon Jin Song. Graduated 2004, ( Associate Professor, Baylor University)
    Duchwan Ryu. Graduated 2005 (Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University )
    K Bae. Graduated 2005 (Chief Statistician, Penn Cancer center)
    Veera Baldanayak [with Raymond Carroll] (Associate Professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center)
    I.S. Chang [with James Calvin] (Glaxco-SmithKline)
    S. Ray (Marc)
    X.S. Wang (Associate Professor, University of Texas)
    D. Gold (Assistant Professor, SUNY Buffalo)
    S. Ghosh (Assistant Professaor, Texas Tech)
    R. Telluri (Post Doc, MD Anderson)
    S. Dhavala (Dow Agroscience)
    A. Konomoi[joint with H. Sang] (Assistant Professor, Cincinnati)
    B. Hartman (Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut)
    A. Mondal (Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve)
    X.Xun [Joint with R Carroll] (Novartis)
    L. Zhang [Joint with Veera] (Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota)
    A. Sarkar [joint with R Carroll] (Post Doc, Duke University)

    Former Postdoctorate Fellows

    W. Fu ( Associate Professor, Michigan State University)
    Sima Chao (Research Scientist, Texas A&M)
    Ivan Zorych (Columbia University)
    S. Dey (SAS)
    Anindya Bhadra (Assistant Professor, Purdue)
    Avishek Chakraborty (Assistant Professor, Arkansas)
    Supratik Kundu(Assistant Professor, Emory University)

    Selected papers in Uncertainty Quantification