Bani K. Mallick

University Distinguished Professor

Professor of Statistics, Texas A&M University

Director, Center for statistical Bioinformatics

Director, Bayesian Bioinformatics Laboratory

Office: 401B Blocker Building.
Hours: TBA

Phone: (979) 845-1275.(office)
FAX: (979) 845-3144.
Address: Statistics Department , Texas A&M University , College Station, TX 77843-3143 USA.


Awards and Honors

Editorial Service
Associate Editor: Journal of Computation and Graphical Statistics
Associate Editor: Biostatistics

Funded by multiple NSF, NIH, DOE grants

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  • Course I'm Teaching

    STAT652 STAT633

    Research Interests

    Selected Publications (from 2011)

    Research Groups

  • Bayesian Bioinformatics Laboratory
  • Multiscale spatial models for petroleum mapping
  • Collaborations in Math and Geosciences

  • The books I have written

    Bayesian Analysis of gene expression Data, Wiley.

    Bayesian methods for nonlinear classification and Regression, Wiley, NY.

  • The books I have edited

    Selected papers in Uncertainty Quantification