My research is mostly problem-driven and has its roots from both scientific and engineering applications. These problems arise from astronomy, brain imaging, computer experiment and recommender system. And many of them involve modern data complications such as big data size, high dimensionality and manifold structures. Broadly speaking, I tackle them with nonparametric and semi-parametric modeling, combining with efficient computational techniques.


My research is currently supported by National Science Foundation grants:

Research interests

  • Nonparametric and semi-parametric modeling
  • Regularization methods (e.g. $\ell_1$, $\ell_2$ and nuclear-norm penalty)
  • Statistical applications to astronomy, brain imaging, computer experiments and recommender systems
  • Statistical learning



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    Abstract Journal
  • (2018+) "Matrix Completion with Covariate Information". Journal of the American Statistical Association, to appear.
    Abstract Journal
  • (2018) "Kernel-based Covariate Functional Balancing for Observational Studies". Biometrika, 105(1), 199-213.
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    Abstract Journal arXiv PDF Supplement
  • (2016) "Detecting Abrupt Changes in the Spectra of High-energy Astrophysical Sources". The Annals of Applied Statistics, 10(2), 1107-1134.
    Abstract Journal arXiv PDF Code


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  • (2010) "Structural Break Estimation of Noisy Sinusoidal Signals". Signal Processing, 90(1), 303–312.
    Abstract Journal



  • (2017) "Provably Accurate Double-Sparse Coding".
    Abstract arXiv
  • (2017) "Nonparametric Operator-Regularized Covariance Function Estimation for Functional Data".
    Abstract arXiv Code



  • (2018) "A Provable Approach for Double-Sparse Coding". AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). (Oral presentation)
    Abstract arXiv


  • (2017) "The Impact of Discharge Inversion Effect on Learning SRAM Power-Up Statistics". IEEE Asian Hardware Oriented Security and Trust Symposium (AsianHOST). (Oral presentation)
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