This web site addresses two different aspects of security. When you wish to check your grades, you will have to connect to the secure web server. You will note this in two ways. The first way is that the location will begin with https:// instead of the usual (unsecure) http://. The second way is that you will be informed by your browser that you are entering a secure site. You will have the opportunity to accept a certificate that this site comes from Texas A&M University. You may accept that certificate for future use or you may accept the identity on a per connection basis. Once you have accepted the identity of our secure server, you will be able to connect to the gradebook and see your grades. This access is password protected and the password is encrypted since we use a secure server connection.

When you access the concepts, you will note that some of the Java applets include a print button to allow you to print the graphics on your local printer. Our applets are digitally signed and may be independently verified by a certificate authority. Once you verify that the applet is signed, you may then grant access to your printer. If you do not grant access to the printer (and you should not if the digital signature is not independently verified), then you will not be able to print the graphics.

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