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Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models: A Modern Perspective, Second Edition
Raymond J. Carroll, David Ruppert, Leonard A. Stefanski and Ciprian Crainiceanu

July 2006
488 pages
ISBN: 1584886331
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This book follows up on the authors' 1995 text on measurement error, but it is completely rewritten to have an emphasis on modern developments in the field. The book will replace the 1995 text as the authoritative review of measurement error and uncertainties in exposures. The new book has many more data examples and incorporates of vast new literature written since 1995.

"The authors have written a wonderful book. It provides a thorough and concise description of ... strategies" -- Jeff Buzas, JASA, 1997, pdf file

This book ... provides an accessible and carefully motivated acount ... The range of the authors' appreciate of the actual issues and challenges ... is very impressive" -- J. L. Hutton, Biometrics, 1997, pdf file

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