Insight and Strategies for Professional Success Symposium

The Department of Statistics and the College of Science Diversity Committee sponsored a Symposium centered around Insight and Strategies for Professional Success, Personal Well-Being and Getting Along With Others on February 24, 2017. The Symposium gathered professionals in the sciences to provide a voice of experience for individuals facing unique challenges and pressures for careers and life success.

The all-day symposium featured veteran Texas A&M Science professors, administrators, and thought leaders who shared their insights and proven strategies for succeeding in scientific fields while balancing personal well-being and being inclusive and compassionate with others. The Diversity Committee consisted of representatives from each department within the College: Derya Akleman (Statistics), Alan Dabney (Statistics), Julia Plavnik (Mathematics), Gil Rosenthal (Biology), Coran Watanabe (Chemistry) and Robert Webb (Physics & Astronomy). Several panelists shared a wide range of insight from academic scenarios to examples and tactics. Others offered professional instruction in mindfulness as a key practice and means to achieving successful outcomes and finding balance between one’s various professional and personal commitments and responsibilities.

The format featured five strategy-centric sessions designed to deliver:

  • increased knowledge about and confidence in one’s ability to succeed professionally;
  • increased self-awareness and ability to care for one’s personal needs; and
  • increased awareness and openness to different cultures, opinions, and lifestyles.

Various participants from all walks of campus life joined together in Rudder 601 for a successful event. For more information on the Symposium, please visit the website.