SETCASA Poster Session 2017

Organized and sponsored by the Southeastern Texas Chapter of the American Statistical Association (SETCASA ), the 2017 Poster Session showcased research in statistics carried out in the region. Both statisticians and applied scientists worked on problems with a strong statistical component and presented their research. Held on Friday, April 21, 2017 in the Blocker Annex, over lunch with several colleagues and students. Please contact Matthias Katzfuss for further information.


Competition Winners

Gold Prizes ($800):

    • Marcin Jurek, TAMU Statistics Department
      “Multiresolution Filters for Massive Spatio-Temporal Data”
    • Shubhadeep ChakrabortyTAMU Statistics Department
      “Distance Metrics for Measuring Joint Dependence with Application to Casual Discovery”
    • Reza ArmandpourTAMU Statistics Department
      “Nanoparticles Detection Based on the Electron Microscopic Images of Nanoparticles”

Silver Prizes ($400):

    • Alex LapanowskiTAMU Statistics Department
      “Sparse Linear Discriminant Analysis”
    • Wenlong GongTAMU Statistics Department
      “Multi-Resolution Approximations of Gaussian Processes for Big Spatial Data”
    • Quingquan Song, TAMU Computer Science & Engineering
      “Multi-Aspect Streaming Tensor Completion”
    • Ashif Iquebal, TAMU Industrial & Systems Engineering
      “Classification of Light Curves Using Instantaneous Phase Synchronization”

Bronze Prizes ($250):

    • Zhenfeng Lin, TAMU Statistics Department
      “Modeling Light Curves for Improved Classification for Astronomical Objects”
    • Ahmed Aziz Ezzat, TAMU Industrial & Systems Engineering
      “Space-Time Asymmetry in Local Wind Fields”
    • Antik ChakrabortyTAMU Statistics Department
      “Bayesian Sparse Multiple Regression for Simultaneous Dimension Reduction and Variable Selection”
    • Sangyoon YiTAMU Statistics Department
      “Posterior Median as a Shrinkage Estimator”

A Special Thanks to the American Statistical Association, Department of Statistics, and Michael Longnecker for funding this event.

For more information on the 2017 SETCASA Poster Session, please visit their website.


Marcin Jurek (GOLD)

Shubhadeep Chakraborty (GOLD) Reza Armandpour (GOLD) Alex Lampanowski (Silver)

Wenlong Gong (Silver)

Quingquan Song (Silver)

 Ashif Iquebal (Silver)

Zhenfeng Lin (Bronze)

Ahmed Aziz Ezzat (Bronze)

Antik Chakraborty (Bronze)

Sangyoon Yi (Bronze)