Departmental Colloquium: Christopher Lapish



Department of Psychology
Indiana University


Exploring the Neural Basis of Impulsive Choice in Rodent Models



Impulsivity is defined as acting without “foresight”. Several neuropsychiatric disorders are characterized by excessive impulsivity, including Alcohol Use Disorders (AUDs). In this talk I will explore the neurocomputational basis of impulsivity. Data will be presented from computational models in addition to neural recordings and optogenetics data acquired in rodent models. Neural and model data will be assessed by construction of latent variable models via piecewise linear recurrent neural networks. The convergence of these data suggest that impaired computation in prefrontal cortex is critical for excessive impulsivity. The long term goal of these studies are to develop interventions that might blunt excessive impulsivity and thus inspire novel treatment options for those living with an AUD.


Friday, October 25, 2019 11:30 a.m. BLOC 113