Statistics Scholars

Statistics Scholars Learning Community


Established in Fall 2017, Statistics Scholars serves to create a greater sense of community in our small department, provide resources and mentorship, connect students to opportunities, explore graduate school and career paths, and create a professional and academic network in Statistics.


Learning Community Highlights

  • Cohort community social events
  • Assigned undergraduate Statistics major peer mentor
  • Regular faculty interaction and mentorship
  • Specialized advising with early intervention
  • Workshops focused on professional development, academic skills, and campus resources
  • Recruiter talks and guest speakers
  • Increased sense of connectedness to the department




Here’s some past Statistics Scholars thoughts, comments, and reflections on being a part of the learning community:

  • “What benefited me the most were the dinners where everyone got together so I could hear from different people, and the meetings with my peer mentor where I could talk to someone who’s in the same boat as me.”
  • “My peer and faculty mentor meetings were always extremely useful for me and were always something I looked forward to during my weeks. I really liked my faculty and peer mentor; they both have helped reassure me that I’m not in this college thing alone. They always answered any questions I had for them and definitely made me feel “in the loop” with all of the things going on at the Texas A&M statistics department.”
  • “Being part of the learning community was very beneficial to me as it provided opportunities to meet new people who have similar academic interests as me, and through the mentorship, provided guidance as I transitioned into college. I also enjoyed the people who came to talk to us about how statistics are used in their line of work. These were helpful in seeing what career interests I may want to pursue, and I would like to see more of these speakers/presenters in the future.”
  • “I think my first semester would have different without this learning community because I wouldn’t have met the people I have met at events this year and wouldn’t have gained valuable advice from my mentor.”
  • “The workshops helped me a lot in the professional aspect. They explained how and what classes I should take, depending on my interests, and even showed me how to get involved and successfully network with others.”
  • “The dinners/workshops were a great way to meet people in the major and get helpful information. The mentor meetings were also very helpful, and relieved a lot of stress”
  • “I think without the learning community, I would have struggled a lot with knowing what to expect from my classes, and I would have felt much more isolated without being able to relate with people who are doing the exact same thing I am. Since we are such a small major, and I’m not the most social person, I could see myself being much more isolated without the help of the learning community, which would have probably affected my motivation towards getting a degree in statistics.”