Minor in Statistics


The Department of Statistics offers a minor in Statistics. To declare a minor in Statistics, please meet with a Faculty Advisor. You can make an appointment here. For any additional questions, please contact undergraduate@stat.tamu.edu. Note: the prerequisite for STAT 211 is MATH 152 or MATH 172.

Lower Division Courses
STAT 211 Principles of Statistics I 3
STAT 212 Principles of Statistics II 3
Upper Division Electives
Select three of the following: 1
Statistical Computing 3
Design and Analysis of Experiments 3
Principles of Survey Samplings 3
Introduction to Linear Models 3
Mathematical Statistics I 3
Mathematical Statistics II 3
Methods in Time Series Analysis 3
Multivariate Analysis and Statistical Learning 3
Bayesian Statistics 3
Applied Biostatistics and Data Analysis 3
Statistical Bioinformatics 3
Categorical Data Analysis 3
Directed Studies 3
Special Topics in… 3
1 STAT 485 or STAT 489 must be approved by the Statistics Department.

Additional Requirements:

Students must make a grade of “C” or better in all courses.

Substitutions for the minor must be approved by the Statistics Department.