I have been working on using Java applets to provide interactive instruction on the Web and also to provide access to research procedures. Below are some applets that I have developed in both areas. Some of them aren't fully documented yet so beware.

Java applets for teaching:

My applets:

  • WebStat
  • A Regression Applet
  • A Confidence Interval Applet
  • A Histogram Applet
  • A Let's Make a Deal Applet
  • Todd Ogden's applets:

  • A Central Limit Theorem Applet
  • Hypothesis Testing Power Applet
  • Java applets for research:

  • A Simple Epidemic Applet
  • A Survival Analysis Applet by Tony Rossini.
  • Statistical applets by people outside our department:

  • The exact power of the fisher exact test
  • A Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution
  • A "Small" Effect Size Can Make a Large Difference
  • Come back to his page soon to see some more recent developments.

    If you would like for me to add your applet to this listing, just send me some email, west@stat.sc.edu.