Data for Class

One sample data:

Two independent sample data (remember the indicator/group function should be specified as an ordinal variable in JMP else you won't be able to get the JMP options to work)

Matched paired t-test data Friday 13th data.

  • Polyphenol (15) Data: Before and After.
  • High and Low altitude running data.
  • Full moon and behaviour of patients
  • Herring data (paired). and Herring data (factors). treated as an independent sample test (sometimes it is not so clear whether there is a natural pairing or not)
  • M and M data (remember to use comma delimiter when uploading this file or best guess - depending whethe$ or JMP) The Matched pairs are Blues and Yellows (since the share the same bag)
  • Red wine and Polyphenol This is an example of a matched pair. The level of polyphenol before and after drinking red wine. However, this data set has already been processed. The differences between before and after have already been taken.
  • Anova Data:

    Binary Data Categorical Data (contingency tables): Linear Regression: