My research is focused on statistical methods for epidemiological studies which deal with
studying factors; affecting the health and illness of populations, and serves as the foundation
and logic of interventions made in the interest of public health and preventive medicine.
The research is geared to develop novel statistical techniques for handling measurement
error in the major variable of interest, and to handle subjects with partially missing information.
The developed statistical techniques rely on parametric, semiparametric, and nonparametric
Bayesian or classical approaches for flexible and robust modeling.

Research interest keywords:
Bayesian methods, Errors-in-covariates, Missing data, and Survival analysis.


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Here is the computer code. Readme.txt, File1, File2
Windows binary:

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Package Source: mesub_1.0.tar.gz
Windows binary:
Reference Manual: manual_mesub.pdf

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in a parametric regression model. To appear in Biometrics. [pdf], [Supplementary Materials]

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Package Source: smmrbayes_1.0.tar.gz
Reference Manual: SMMR_description_of_package.pdf

Sinha, S. and Ma, Y. Analysis of proportional odds models with censoring and errors-in-covariates.
Accepted in the Journal of the American Statistical Association. [pdf] [Supplementary materials] [published version]

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[Matlab code in a zip file], Matlab code as html files: [example.html], [AFT_Bayes_LASSO.html].

Lee, D., Carroll, R. J., and Sinha, S. Frequentist standard errors of Bayes estimators.
Accepted in Computational Statistics. [pdf], [R code in a zip file].

Cook, S., Blas, B., Carroll, R. J., and Sinha, S. Two wrongs make a right: Addressing underreporting in binary
data from multiple sources. Accepted in the Political Analysis. [pdf]
R package: [Linux], [Windows], [Reference manual]

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