NRC 2010, Vancouver, Canada,  July 27 - 30, 2010
Downtown, Vancouver, Ca
                                                   Photo: courtesy of Peter Jokan

                                                  All scientific sessions will take place at the following address.
                                        Michael Smith Laboratories
                                        Rooms 101 & 102
                                        The University of British Columbia
                                        2185 East Mall
                                        Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada
                                        More information about this location can be found here.
                                                  Monday, July 26, 2010:  6:00pm--7:30pm Reception/Mixer with Cash Bar: Sage Bistro
                                 Tuesday, July 27, 2010
8:00am --8:10am: Introductory remarks
                                        8:10am --9:45am: Session on High-dimensional data
                                        Session Chair: Simon Bonner, UBC

Tung Pham, University of Melbourne
                                                Title: Scaled squared distance classifier for high dimensional low sample size data

                                           2.  Tongtong Wu, University of Maryland
                                                Title: Multicategory Vertex Discriminant Analysis for High-Dimensional Data

                                           3.  Yuexiao Dong, Temple University
                                                Title:  An iterative algorithm for dimension reduction with non-elliptically distributed predictors

                                           4.  Cheng Yong Tang, National University of Singapore
                                                Title:  Penalized high-dimensional empirical likelihood

                                           5.  Wenguang Sun, North Carolina State University
                                                Title:  Optimal screening for sparse signals

9:45am --10:15am: Break
                                        10:15am --11:30am: Session on Modern Regression
                                        Session Chair: Daeyoung Kim, University of Massachusetts

                   1.  Yichao Wu, Princeton University
                                                            Title: Simultaneous multiple non-crossing quantile regression estimate using kernel constraint

                                            2.  Xingqiu Zhao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
                                                Title: Semiparametric regression analysis of panel count data with informative observation times

                                            3.  Bo Kai, College of Charleston
                                                 Title: New efficient statistical procedures for semiparametric regression models

                                            4.  Yaakov Malinovsky, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)
                                                 Title:  Best invariant and minimax nonparametric estimation of quantiles in finite population 

                                         11:30am --1:45pm: Lunch  
                                                     1:45am --3:00pm: Session on MCMC and empirical models
                                         Session Chair: Lane Burgette, Duke University

Rachel Schutt, Google
                                                  Title: Estimating transmission rates on a network

Kristin Jehring, Saint Mary's College 
                                                  Title: Walsh's Brownian Motion, Harmonic Functions, and Embedded Markov Chains

                                             3.   Alicia Johnson, Macalester College
                                                  Title: Establishing geometric ergocity for Gibbs samples      
                                             4.   Ronald Neath, Baruch College
                                                   Title: Regenerative simulation for variable-at-a-time Metropolis-Hastings algorithm

3:00pm --3:30pm: Break
                                           3:30pm --4:45pm:  Tweedie Award Ceremony
                                           Speaker: Harrison Zhou, Yale University
Title:  Some recent works inspired by Le Cam's Theory

                                           Wednesday, July 28, 2010
                                     8:00am --8:10am:
Introductory remarks
                                            8:10am --9:45am: Session on Foundations
                                            Session Chair: Natalia Nolde, ETH

Daeyoung Kim, University of Massachusetts
Using confidence distribution sampling to visualize confidence sets

                                                2.  Dodi Devianto, Andalas University
                                                     Title: Infinitely divisible geometric distribution and rare event model for growth dynamics

                                                3.  May-Ru Chen, National Sun Yat-sen University
                                                     Title: Two-person red-and-black game with lower limit

                                                4.  David Matteson, Cornell University
                                                     Title: Forecasting emergency medical service call arrival rates

                                                5.  Masoud Nasari, Carleton University
                                                     Title: Weak approximation of U-statistics

9:45am --10:15am: Break
                                           10:15am --11:30am: Session on Bayesian Inference
                                           Session Chair: Garritt Page, Duke University

                                                 1.  Luis Carvalho, Boston University
                                                      Title: Bayesian centroid estimation

                                                 2.   Ryan Yue, Baruch College
                                                      Title: Bayesian nonparametric intensity estimation for inhomogeneous spatial point processes

                                                 3.   Lane Burgette, Duke University
                                                       Title: An alternative identification strategy for the Bayesian multinomial probit model

                                                 4.   Nicholas Mitsakakis, University of Toronto
                                                      Title: Bayesian methods for Gaussian graphical models

11:30am --1:45pm: Lunch
                                              1:45pm --3:00pm: Session on Mixture models
                                            Session Chair: Andrew Thomas, Carnegie Mellon University

                                                  1.  Xu Wang, St. Francis Xavier University
                                                       Title: Statistical learning in drug discovery via mixtures

                                                  2.  Xu Han, Princeton University
                                                       Title: Optimal estimation of multidimensional normal means with unknown variances

                                                  3.  Thayasivam Umashanger, Rowan University
                                                       Title: L2 estimation of mixture complexity for finite mixtures

                                                  4.  Pengfei Li, University Alberta
                                                      Title: Testing the order of a finite mixture

                                                3:00pm --3:30pm: Break
                                                3:30pm --5:30pm: Grant Panel
                                                       Talks by Michelle Dunn (NIH), David Stoffer (NSF), Isabelle Blain (NSERC) will be followed
                                                       by a discussion from 5:00pm --5:30pm.
                                                6:30pm: Dinner Banquet: Sage Bistro,  Guest speaker: Michael Steele, IMS President

                                              Thursday, July 29, 2010
8:00am--8:10am: Introductory remarks
                                               8:10am --9:45am: Session on Computational/Algorithm statistics
                                               Session Chair: Ronald Neath, Baruch College

                                                   1.  Youyi Fong, University of Washington
                                                        Title: Algorithms and inference for mixture models with application to protein sequence analysis

                                                   2.  Heng Lian, Nanyang Technological University
                                                        Title: Markov random field based nonlinear principal component analysis

                                                   3.  Andrew Zhou, NIH
                                                        Title:  A fast algorithm for computing weighted V-statistics in resampling

                                                   4.  Andrew Thomas, Carnegie Mellon University
                                                        Title: Marginally specified hierarchical models for relational data

                                                   5.  Reza Hosseini, University of British Columbia
                                                        Title: Approximating quantiles in very large datasets

                                              9:45am --10:15am: Break
                                             10:15am --11:30am: Session on Spatio-temporal models
                                             Session Chair: Xiangming Fang, East Carolina University

                                                    1.  Mahmoud Torabi, University of Manitoba
                                                         Title: Spatio-temporal modeling of disease mapping of rates

                                                    2.  Fangfang Wang, University of Illinois, Chicago
                                                        Title: The hybrid GARCH class of models

                                                    3.  Simon Bonner, University of British Columbia
                                                         Title: Functional data analysis of the trends and predictors of climate in BC

                                                    4.  Lucy Robinson, Johns Hopkins University
                                                         Title: Change point detection in time series of attributed graphs

                                               11:30am --12:15pm: Invited talk by Nancy Heckman, University of British Columbia
                                               12:15pm --3:30pm: Poster Session and lunch
                                                       Details of the poster session are given in the end.

                                                3:30pm --5:30pm: Journal panel
                                                      Talks by David Bank (Duke University), Michael Kosorok (UNC Chapel Hill),
                                                      Carl Schwarz (Simon Fraser University)
                                                      followed by a discussion from 5:00pm to 5:30pm.

                                                 Friday, July 30, 2010
                                         8:00am --8:02am:
Introductory remarks

                                                 8:02am --8:12am: Laura Lee Johnson,  National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

                                                 8:15am --9:50am: Session on Biostatistics
                                                Session Chair: Wei Sun, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

                                                      1.  Lingsong Zhang, Purdue University
                                                           Title: Analysis of inherence of on medical guideline for diabetic patients

                                                      2.  Irnya Lobach, New York University
                                                           Title: Semiparametric Bayesian analysis of gene-environment interactions with errors in measurement
                                                           of the environment

                                                      3.  Ying Huang, Columbia University
                                                           Title: Comparing biomarkers as principal surrogate endpoints

                                                      4.   Pei Fen Kuan, Lineberger Cancer Center
                                                           Title: A statistical framework for analysis of Chip-Seq data

                                                      5.   Ann Lazar, Harvard School of Public Health
                                                            Title: Evaluation of treatment-effect heterogeneity in the age of biomarkers

                                                  9:50am --10:15am: Break
                                                 10:15am --11:30am: Session on Time-to-Event data
                                                 Session Chair: Desale Hab, University of Akron

                                                       1.  Chi Wang, University of California, Riverside
                                                            Title: A semiparametric model for QTL mapping  with time-to-event phenotype

                                                       2.  Hong Zhu, Johns Hopkins University
                                                            Title: Incorporating sampling bias in analyzing bivariate survival data with interval sampling
                                                             and application to HIV research

                                                       3.  Li Chen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
                                                            Title: Prediction accuracy of multiple predictors for censored event data

                                                       4.   Yili Hong, Virginia Tech
                                                             Title: Field failure prediction using dynamics environmental data

11:30am --12:15pm: Special invited talk by Tim Hesterberg, Google
                                                  12:15pm --2:00pm: Lunch   
                                                  2:00pm --3:00pm: Panel on Teaching
                                                       Talks by Suojin Wang (Texas A&M University) and John Gabrosek (Grand Valley State University) folllowed by
                                                       a discussion from 2:50 to 3:00 pm.
                                                 3:00pm --3:15pm: Break
                                                 3:15pm --4:15pm: Panel on Mentoring
                                                       Talks by Dipak Dey (UCON) and Xuming He (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) followed by a
                                                        discussion from 4:05pm to 4:15pm.
                                                 Poster Session
1. Each author will be provided a 4-foot high x 8-foot wide (122 cm x 244 cm) display board on which to
                                                     display a summary of their paper. Authors must remain in the vicinity of the bulletin board for the duration
                                                     of the session to answer questions.
2.  Display boards along with thumbstacks will be available for your use beginning Thursday morning. Please
                                                      mount your poster by the end of the morning break. You will find your borad by looking for your name in
                                                      the lower right corner of the board.

                                                 2. You may visit the following website for some guidelines on effective posters:

                                               Poster Presenters
1. Desale Habtzgi
, University of Akron
                                                      Title:  Goodness of fit tests for Hazard function under shape restriction

Shahedul Ahsan Khan, University of Waterloo
                                                      Title: Flexible Bent-Cable models for mixture longitudinal data

                                                  3. Xiangming Fang, East Carolina University
                                                      Title:  Additive models with Spatio-temporal data

                                                  4. Aline Tabet, University of British Columbia
Bayesian estimation of a time-varying correlation matrix using the Wishart process

                                                  5. Wei Sun, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
                                                       Title: A geometric interpretation of permutation p-value and its application for eQTL studies and rare
                                                       variant association
                                                  6. Jelani Wiltshire, Florida State University
                                                       Title: Age effects in the extinction of planktonic foraminifera: A new look a Van Valen's red queen hypothesis

                                                  7. Juan Du, Kansas State University
                                                       Title: Covariance tapering and fixed-domain asymptotic properties of MLE

                                                  8. Natalia Nolde, ETH Zurich
                                                       Title: Asymptotic independence for unimodal densities

                                                  9. Atanu Adhikary, IIM Kozhikode, India
                                                       Title: Estimation of unit level heterogeneity in discrete choice model

                                                 10. Anindya Bhadra, University of Michigan
                                                       Title: Iterated filtering and its application in modelling infectious disease dynamics

11. Garritt Page, Duke University
                                                       Title: Bayesian local contamination models for multivariate outliers