Photographs/Interviews with Jewish Music Artists around the World & Rejuvenating Heritage Host

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The Israeli solo star Dan Toren in Kibbutz Zova, Israel (7/12)
Actor, Singer, T.V. star Avi Kushnir after starring in "King Solomon and the Sandler" at the Bimha theature in Tel Aviv, Israel (7/06)
Popular singer, pianist, Shlomo Gronich after a concert in Netanaya, Israel (7/06)
Guitarist and Vocalist Neal Katz during his visit to College Station, TX (11/05) Hear Interview with Neal Katz
Pianist and Vocalist Mark Bloom at his home in Minneapolis, MN (8/05) Hear Interview with Mark Bloom
Israeli T.V. star Yair Nitzani at his Channel 10 studio after the taping of his "Behind the News" show, Tel Aviv, Israel (1/04) Hear Interview with Yair Nitzani
Shawn Weaver of the Seattle based Jewish group (Shawn's) Kugle and Wendy Marcus from the Mazeltones at Temple Beth Am, Seattle, WA (11/03)Hear Interview with Shawn Weaver and Wendy Marcus
Israeli Guitarist/Vocalist Ephraim Shamir with the Host of Rejuvenating Heritage at the Celebrates Israel festival, Boston, MA (6/03) See Concert Pictures
Vocalist Sam Glaser with the Host of Rejuvenating Heritage at his home in Los Angeles, CA (4/03) Hear Interview with Sam Glaser
The Bnei Pedutser Klezmer group during their visit to College Station and Bryan, TX (4/03)
Hankus Netsky, leader of the Klezmer Conservatory Band , at their New Years Eve Concert in Boston, MA (12/02)
Yiddish vocalist Michael Alpert of Brave Old World , and Violinist Steve Greenman of Khevrisa in San Antonio, TX (10/02)
Tuba player, Bass player and leader of Rubinchik's Orkestyr Mark Rubin at the International Accordion Festival in San Antonio, TX (10/02)
Lenny Solomon, creator and leader of the Jewish parody band Shlock Rock in Lenny's home in Beit Shemesh, Israel (7/02) Hear Interview with Lenny Solomon
Yehudah Katz, leader of Jewish Rock Band Reva l'Sheva in Yehudah's home in Beit Meir, Israel (7/02) Hear Interview with Yehudah Katz
Josh Nelson of Boston based Jewish Rock group Yom Hadash in Boston, MA (5/02) Hear Interview with Josh Nelson
The great singer of Jewish Music for Children Judy Caplan Ginsburgh in Alexandria, LA (3/02) Hear Interview with Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

Israeli Star Rami Kleinstein in Houston, TX (5/00)

Israeli Star David Broza in Houston, TX (11/99)

Lori Lippitz, of Chicago's Maxwell St. Klezmer Band in Dallas, TX (8/99)