Universal Zionism-by Daniel Radyshevsky: A book review by Michael Sherman

A Rejuvenating Heritage Book Review

April 17, 2009

I didn't know what to make of this book upon initially picking it up. The cover displays a drawing of a human brain with a Magen David (Star of David) inside the nation of Israel all residing inside the brain. This book, however, is an awesome treatise on Judaism, Israel, the Modern World, and the relationships between them.

What is the (new) Universal Zionism that Daniel argues for? In his own words, what must be acomplished is "The new, Universal Zionism must liberate not only the Jewish nation, but the entire world--liberate them from the catastrophic alientation between the God and the State: between the eternal spiritual commandments and the daily needs of modernity." He argues that the aliyah (immigration) of Europeans built the body of Israel, the Sephardic immigration built the soul, but the later Russian and Anglo immigrations to Israel must contribute the final component, the building of the spirit of the nation, if Israel is to survive.

Mr. Radyshevksy poses an enormous challenge to each and every Jew in the world. His visions and prescriptions are always bold, but also thoughtfully supported throughout. The book was originally written in Russian and published in Jerusalem, Israel in 2008. This admirable translation is by Todd C. Shandelman. To learn more about this enterprise and for more information on this particular publication contact the Jerusalem Summit .