Rejuvenating Heritage Reviews

July, 2006

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL- July14, 2006, Menachem Begin park:

On a lovely summer day, a free concert featuring 6 top musical acts in Israel was held at the Menachem Begin park in south Tel Aviv. Pablo Rosenberg, Momi Levi, The Dorbanim, Shai Gabso, Muki and Rami Kleinstein all performed. This concert was held to support the Israelis in the south of the country who had been suffering from Palestinian rocket attacks on their towns. Several such Israelis were bused in for the festivities.

Mizrachi Pop star Rosenberg started out to a rather sparse, yet enthusiastic crowd. As the crowds began arriving in larger numbers Momi Levi took over. The crowd got excited as he sang his hit "Zuz m'tsad l'tsad" (Move from Side to Side). On the way over to the concert we heard on the radio the newcomers, The Dorbanim, place 3rd in the national weekly top 20 with their infectious hit "Od Laila" (Another Night). What a kick to see them perform it live one hour later. Another lovely surprise followed: singer/songwriter Shai Gabso fresh from his sucess on the Israeli "Kochav Nolad" (A Star is Born) T.V. show performed. As he started singing we realized that the song he was performing "Tigidi Li At" (You Tell Me) we had just heard at the number 2 spot on the weekly top 20. The rap star Muki followed and sang his hit, "Kol Echad Medaber al Shalom" (Everyone's Talking about Peace). The biggest star of the evening, pianist/singer Rami Kleinstein closed the show. Kleinstein is a virtuoso pianist, but this evening he put his keyboard duties aside and focused on singing exclusively. He usually mixs ballads with more upbeat numbers on his CD's from the late 1980's to the present. This night, however, he featured a straight ahead rock approach. He performed his big hits "Tapuchim u'Tmarim" (Apples and Dates), "Kar Sham Bachutz" (It's Cold Out There), and "Tsair la'Netzach" (Forever Young).

Kleinstein, like many other performers thanked the people from the south for coming up to Tel Aviv. Ironically, on the morning of the concert the Iranian supported terror group Hizballah sent missiles from Lebanon into the NORTHERN Israeli towns of Haifa, Nahariya, and Zefat. This attack followed Hizballah's killing of 7 Israeli soldiers and kidnapping of two others. Because of this all performers mentioned their solidarity with their brothers suffering terror attacks in the the south AND the north. A further irony that the concert took place in Menachem Begin park, named after the Israeli prime minister who tried to stop Hizballah terror attacks on Israel in 1981 and 1982. On this evening, while we were in his park, Hizballah started their attacks all over again. The attacks, however, couldn't stop the professionalism of the musicians and certainly couldn't dim the enthusiasm of the crowd. Photos of Pablo (1, in red jacket) and Rami (2,3) are below: