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Shimi Tavori-Kikar Rambam, Ramat Gan, Israel, June 2009

Shimi Tavori has had a long career as a romantic balladeer. On this evening in Ramat Gan Mr. Tavori entertained a crowd of approximately 2000 people on June 30, 2009. The main focus of the evening was to honor the memory of the great composer Uzi Hitman who wrote many hits for Mr. Tavori in the late 1970's. He performed his great hits "Another Love Story" (Od Sipur Shel Ahava) and "Evening without a Star" (Laila Bli Kochav). Tavori's son took the stage to perform "Billy Jean" in honor of Michael Jackson, who had passed away just a few days previously.

The concert took place in Kikar Rambam in the downtown center of Ramat Gan. The Square honors the great medieval physician, astronomer and scholar Rambam (Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon, Nachmanides).

Shimi Tavori performing in Kikar Ramban, in downtown Ramat Gan.