Rejuvenating Heritage Reviews

June, 2002

Yehuda Poliker -Tel Aviv, June 2002

Yehuda Poliker exploded onto the Israeli music scene as part of the group Benzene in the 1980's. In the mid 1980's Poliker struck out as a solo artist. His first two albums "These Eyes Of Mine" and "Daydreamer" were smashes. His third album, "Ashes and Dust" explored the Holocaust through a personal lense of his parents who survived that tragedy in Greece. This album has been judged to be the best of all time by several Israeli publications. Poliker's 4th solo album "Hurts but Less" became the biggest selling disc of Poliker's career with songs written by several of Israeli's greatest poets. Albums of consistently great quality have continued, notably with the 2CD set "The Child in You" in 1995, and "How is my Love Called" in 2001.

Poliker's music combines rock with Greek and other styles. He plays several instruments on his recordings and live performances such as the guitar, the bouzouki, and several keyboards. On this summer evening at the Yarkon park in Tel Aviv Poliker performed hits from all the above albums in a concert organized through the Police and their families. It was a wonderful concert that was often poignant and at other times an all out party.

Yehuda Poliker in Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv, Israel.