Rejuvenating Heritage Reviews

August, 2010

Chemi Rudner-Yirmi Kaplan-TEL AVIV PORT , ISRAEL- August 9, 2010

Chemi Rudner fronted the popular Israeli Rock Band Eifo Ha Yeled (Where's the Kid) in the early to mid 1990's. Much of their music was hard rock at this point. Chemi surprised many when he became a solo artist, and started writing gorgeous ballads. For example, his beautiful "Imperiot Noflot Leat" (Empire's Fall Slowly), which might serve as a warning to the U.S.

Yirmi Kaplan has written many of the most beautiful songs of the 1990's and the 2000's, notably "Madua lo Bata" (Why didn't you come) and "Tatchil Me Efes" (Starting from Zero). Rudner and Kaplan shared the stage, singing these and many other songs in an intimate set. Their music was often upbeat, and often quite melodic. Both singers introduced the songs, with Rudner primarily on guitar, and Kaplan for the most part on drums. They both chatted with the audience, and were both ebullient the entire show. Approximately 250-300 people filled the available seats, while many others crowded around the stage to see some of the show.

Their appearance was a free concert given at the Tel Aviv Port where many restaurants and clubs are located with a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean sea. Many in the audience had enjoyed a meal and a stroll on the boardwalk before the show. This free concert was part of the "Music by the Sea" series. This has been occurring for several years, and this year, once again, several performers appeared during the summer in this fantastic Tel Aviv cultural event.

Chemi Rudner performing in Tel Aviv, 2010       Chemi Rudner and Yirmi Kaplan performing in Tel Aviv, 2010