Rejuvenating Heritage Reviews


Avihu Medina-Beit Russel, Ramat Gan, Israel, July 2009

Avihu Medina has written many of the classic songs in Israeli history. He performed this evening as part of a performance honoring the great contributions of Yemenite Jews to the culture of Israel. This evening he took the stage as a singer of his own songs. I wasn't sure what to expect but his voice was very deep and passionate I began to wonder why he had given his greatest songs like "Ha Perach b'Gani" (The Flower in my Garden, was made famous by the Mizrachi star Zohar Argov), "Shabchi Yerushalayim" (Praise Jerusalem), "Moshe" (Moses, made famous by Shimi Tavori) and "Raiah" among others. This evening Mr. Medina himself was the star and he relished the role. The intimate audience of about 300 in the Beit Russel theater often sang along and requested songs with Medina typically obliging.

Also performing this evening were "Uri Teeman", a group of traditional Yemenite dancers and Avshalom Harari, a rising Mizrachi star. Both were very well received by the crowd.

Avihu Medina performing in Beit Russel, in Ramat Gan.