Richard Payne
PhD Candidate
Texas A&M University

Research Areas

  • Bayesian Conditional Density Estimation
  • Bayesian Computation

Academic Activity

Published & Accepted Papers

  • Payne, R. D., & Mallick, B. K. (2018). Two-Stage Metropolis-Hastings for Tall Data. Journal of Classification, 35(1).
  • Johnson, V. E., Payne, R. D., Wang, T., Asher, A., Mandal, S. (2017). On the Reproducibility of Psychological Science. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 112(517):1-10.
  • Swiger, S. L., & Payne, R. D. (2017). Selected Insecticide Delivery Devices for Management of Horn Flies (Haematobia irritans)(Diptera: Muscidae) on Beef Cattle. Journal of Medical Entomology, 54(1): 173-177.

Acknowledgements for Statistical Expertise

  • Spittle, L. S., Muzzin, K. B., Campbell, P. R., DeWald, J. P., Rivera-Hidalgo, F. (2017). Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, 18(7):559-566.


  • View some code here.


My purpose as a consultant is to help clients answer important questions with data.

Whether you are answering research questions for your thesis or making critical business decisions, statistics provide credibility and clarity to datasets.

I take pride in providing clients with clear and concise conclusions from state-of-the-art statistical models. 

Please contact me via email ( with a short description of your project, and we'll set up a brief meeting to decide next steps.

Research Spotlight

View my research spotlight which describes some of my early research.