Dr. Mikyoung Jun

Department of Statistics
Texas A&M University
3143 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3143
Phone: (979) 845-3141
Email: mjun [at] stat [dot] tamu [dot] edu
          smiky1008 [at] gmail [dot] com


I am an Associate Professor of statistics at Texas A&M University.
For my CV, click here (last updated August 27, 2014).


  • Research interest
  • Spatial (and Temporal) Statistics
  • Environmental Statistics
  • Covariance models for processes on a sphere
  • Numerical Model Evaluation
  • Compuational Methods for Large Data Sets
  • Likelihood Methods
  • Data Assimilation
  • Statistics in Climate application
  • Selected publications
  • Jun, M., Katzfuss, M., Hu, J., Johnson, V. (2014). Assessing fit in Bayesian models for spatial processes. Environmetrics, In press

  • Jun, M. (2014). Matern-based nonstationary cross-covariance models for global processes. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Vol 128, pp. 134-146.

  • Roh, S., Genton, M.G., Jun, M., Szunyogh, I., Hoteit, I. (2013). Observation Quality Control with a Robust Ensemble Kalman Filter. Monthly Weather Review, Vol 141, pp. 4414-4428.

  • Jun, M., Park, E.S. (2013). Multivariate receptor models for spatially correlated multi-pollutant data. Technometrics, 55, pp. 309-320.

  • Jun, M., Genton, M.G. (2012). A test for stationarity of spatio-temporal random fields on planar and spherical domains. Statistica Sinica., 22, pp. 1737-1764.

  • Vaughan, A., Jun, M., Park, C. (2012). Statistical inference and visualization in scape-space for spatially dependent images. Journal of the Korean Statistical Society, 41, pp. 115-135. PDF

  • Jun, M. (2011). Nonstationary cross-covariance models for multivariate processes on a globe. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, Vol 38, pp. 726-747. PDF    Data page

  • Sang, H., Jun, M., Huang, J.Z. (2011). Covariance approximation for large multivariate spatial datasets with an application to multiple climate model errors. Annals of Applied Statistics, Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 2519-2548, PDF

  • Jun, M., Szunyogh, I., Genton, M.G., Zhang, F., Bishop, C.H. (2011). A statistical investigation of the sensitivity of ensemble based Kalman filters to covariance filtering. Monthly Weather Review, 139, pp. 3036-3051. PDF

  • Jun, M., Stein, M.L. (2008). Nonstationary covariance models for global data. Annals of Applied Statistics, 2, pp. 1271-1289. PDF

  • Jun, M., Knutti, R., Nychka, D.W. (2008). Spatial Analysis to Quantify Numerical Model Bias and Dependence: How Many Climate Models Are There? Journal of the American Statistical Association, 103, pp. 934-947. PDF

  • Jun, M., Knutti, R., Nychka, D.W. (2008). Local eigenvalue analysis of CMIP3 climate model errors. Tellus, 60A, pp. 992-1000. PDF

  • Jun, M., Stein, M.L. (2007). An approach to producing space-time covariance functions on spheres. Technometrics, Volume 49, No. 4, Oct 2007, pp. 468-479. PDF

  • Jun, M., Stein, M.L. (2004). Statistical Comparison of Observed and CMAQ Modeled Daily Sulfate Levels. Atmospheric Environment, Volume 38, Issue 27, pp. 4427-4436. PDF   Supplementary material
  • Grants
  • NSF DMS-1208421, PI, Jul 2012 - Jun 2015.
  • NSF DMS-0906532, PI, Aug 2009-Jul 2012.
  • NSF ATM-0620624, co-PI, Sep 2006-Aug 2010.
  • Work-related Links
  • STATMOS (May 2014 - )
  • IAMCS supported by KAUST
  • EnKF 2014
  • PASI 2014
  • Editorial

  • Editor (Book review) JABES (Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics): click for guildeline
  • Associate Editor STAT
  • Associate Editor JKSS (Journal of the Korean Statistical Society)
  • Teaching

    STAT 211: course webpage     e-learning

    Talk Slides

  • JSM 2010
  • Statistical Climatology conference 2012
  • ENKF 2014

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