STAT 303, 503-504, Spring 1996
Prof. H. Joseph Newton

Outline of Lecture 7

  1. Homework 2 (Due Wednesday, February 7):

  2. Using Microsoft Word to do homework:

    1. Start both Word and Stataquest

    2. To switch back and forth between Word and Stataquest: Hit Alt-tab until you see the one you want (BE CAREFUL!)

    3. Put a heading centered on the top of the page with the course and section number, the assignment number, the date, and your name. Do this by typing the information with returns after each line you want, then highlighting lines using the mouse and then clicking on centering, fonts, and font sizes on the toolbar

    4. Make a heading for each problem.

    5. To copy a graph from Stataquest:
      1. Get the cursor to where you want the graph to go by hitting returns or arrows and then open a frame by insert -> frame. To get the frame to appear, you drag the mouse until the frame is the size you want.
      2. In Stataquest, get the graph on the screen.
      3. Do edit -> copy graph
      4. Alt-tab back to Word and then put the graph in the frame by edit -> paste while cursor is in the frame.
      5. Finally, click outside the frame and hit returns until the cursor is below the graph.
      6. You can resize the frame by clicking on the graph, then clicking on the frame (which will make little black boxes appear on the frame), then dragging the frame by one of the little black boxes.

    6. To copy text from Stataquest:
      1. Get the Word cursor where you want the text to go.
      2. Get the text in either the results window or an open log file.
      3. Highlight the text by dragging the mouse.
      4. Do edit -> copy text
      5. Alt-tab back to word and do edit -> paste
      6. Highlight the text in Word with the mouse and then select the Courier New font in 10 point size.

    7. Some notes on Word:
      1. To save the document to your diskette, do file -> save as and then enter the file name you want (including the a:) and click OK.
      2. To print the document do file -> print.
      3. To move something from one place to another, first highlight what you want to move, then do edit -> cut, then move cursor to where you want the stuff to go, then do edit -> paste.

  3. Things needed in Stataquest:

    1. Calculate correlation coefficient:
      • See Statistics -> Correlation

    2. A scatterplot matrix: (mpg, weight, length, for example):
      • Graphs -> Scatterplot -> Scatterplot matrix -> click on the variables you want -> OK

    3. Other scatterplots:
      • look at Graphs -> Scatterplots
      • This includes scatterplots by group.

    4. To delete an observation:
      • Data -> Edit data -> click on observation to be deleted -> delete -> click on the option to delete observation ? where ? is the number of the observation to be deleted -> OK

  4. Bivariate descriptive statistics concepts lab