STAT 303, Sections 503-504, Spring 1996

Professor H. Joseph Newton

Office: 447 Blocker Building.
Hours: Daily, 11:00-12:00, or by appointment.

Phone: (409) 845-3141.
FAX: (409) 845-3144.
Address: Statistics Department , Texas A&M University , College Station TX 77845 USA.

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Lecture Outlines:

  1. Syllabus and Introduction to StataQuest
  2. Introduction and Univariate Descriptive Statistics
  3. Boxplots, Chebychev and Empirical Rules
  4. More on StataQuest, Examples of Using StataQuest for Analyzing Data
  5. Scatterplots, Correlation Coefficients, Simple Linear Regression
  6. Finish Chapter 2
  7. Stataquest and Chapter 2
  8. Canceled by Cold Weather (no lecture outline)
  9. Introduction to Probability
  10. Bivariate Descriptive Statistics in Stataquest
  11. Binomial, Hypergeometric, Negative Binomial, and Poisson Distributions (postscript file)
  12. The normal distribution, Introduction to Statistical Inferences (postscript file)
  13. Probability, Binomial Distribution, Normal Distribution
  14. Continuation of Lecture 12 Outline
  15. Finish Lecture 12 Outline, Algebra of Confidence Intervals
  16. Sampling distributions and confidence intervals
  17. Exam 1
  18. Exam 1 results; Z, t, chi-square, F curves:
  19. The Z, t, chi-square, and F concept labs.
  20. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing (pages 36, 37 of lecture notes).
  21. Examples of Testing Hypotheses (postscript file)
  22. Confidence Interval Problems (postscript file)
  23. Review (day before Spring break)
  24. p-Values and the Tests of Hypotheses Lab (postscript file)
  25. Point Estimation and Interpreting Confidence Intervals
  26. Introduction to One-Way ANOVA (Section 10.1 of Moore and McCabe)
  27. More on One-Way ANOVA
  28. Some Examples of p-values
  29. Introduction to Two-Way ANOVA (Section 10.2 of Moore and McCabe)
  30. Two-Way ANOVA
  31. Review of p-values (postscript file)
  32. A Two-Way ANOVA Example (postscript file)
  33. Doing Two-Way ANOVA in Stataquest; Introduction to inferences for simple linear regression
  34. Exam2 (postscript file)
  35. Results of Exam2
  36. Doing simple linear regression in Stataquest
  37. More on simple linear regression (Friday, 4/19)
  38. Introduction to r by c contingency tables (Monday, 4/22)
  39. Examples of r by c contingency tables (Wednesday 4/24)
  40. Finish r by c tables, Introduction to nonparametric methods (Friday, 4/26)
  41. Review outline of course (Monday, 4/29)
  42. A Walk!! (Tuesday, 4/30)