STAT 302, Sections 505-506, Spring 1997

Professor H. Joseph Newton

Office: 447 Blocker Building.
Hours: Daily, 11:00-12:00, or by appointment.

Phone: (409) 845-3141.
FAX: (409) 845-3144.
Address: Statistics Department , Texas A&M University , College Station TX 77845 USA.

Studying for the Final Exam

Final Grades

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To install concept labs and data sets on your home computer:

  1. Be sure you have installed stataquest on your computer.

  2. Download the file by clicking here Be sure to save the file to the directory \wstataq\ado on whatever disk drive you installed stataquest.

  3. Go to \wstataq\ado and unzip If you don't have unzip on your computer, click here to download it. Be sure to put it in the same directory where you put

  4. To use the data sets from stataquest, you use file -> open and then go to \wstataq\ado and you should see the data sets.

  5. To run the concept labs:

    1. If you are using Windows 3.x, you must modify the command line for the stataquest icon by changing sqmenu to hjnmenu. You do this from Windows by clicking on the stataquest icon, then clicking on File -> Properties and then changing sqmenu to hjnmenu.

    2. If you are using Windows 95, you must change sqmenu to hjnmenu in the target line in the shortcut to stataquest. You do this from Windows 95 by right clicking on start and then doing Open -> Programs -> Stataquest, then right click on the Stataquest shortcut, then click on properties, then on the shortcut tab, and then change sqmenu to hjnmenu.

Lecture Outlines:

  1. Lab One