Below are links to a few websites and resources I've found helpful in preparing to teach my introductory statistics courses. I hope other instructors find them useful, as well. If you're new to teaching statistics, start with the items on the first link.

Start here Start with these articles if you haven't read them yet.

ASA Resources Resources from the American Statistical Association, including some cool data sets.

JSE Journal of Statistics Education

SERJ Statistics Education Research Journal

CAUSEweb Website with resources for teachers of statistics

StatsMonkey Notes, Activities, and ideas for teaching AP Statistics

Games Playing video games in the STEM subjects: Why it's important

CNN: Class Flip A CNN article with a success story of flipping a calculus class

CC Statistics The Common Core Standards for teaching Statistics, Probability, and Data Analysis for elementary and middle school levels.

Applets 1 Webster West's applet collection; "Even more applets" contains an important applet for sampling distributions. This website may move soon.

Applets 2 Rossman & Chance applets make different kinds of simulation studies easy

Prezi A new way of creating presentations

Gallup A place to get interesting proportion examples quickly (margins of error and sampling size and method are usually at the bottoms of articles).

GSS General Social Survey: A great place to get real categorical data

DASL Data And Story Library: Data sets of all types, sorted by topic and statistical method

UC Irvine Data UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository: Data sets of usually more variables, able to be sorted by topic and statistical method

Normal Table A Word document with a large normal table for the visually impaired

T Table A Word document with a large t-table for the visually impaired

Fraud The University's web page on all this fraud stuff. I'm trying to keep myself organized.