Stat 651, 652, 653 and 630
Statistics in Research I, II, III and Overview of Mathematical Statistics.

LECTURE: STAT 653 SECTION 600, TR at 11:10am-12:25pm CST, BLOC 457
Q&A: STAT 653 SECTION 700, Tuesday at 6:30pm CST
Stat 653 Sections 600, 700 will appear in ecampus for registered students on Sunday, January 13, 2018.

Q&A: STAT 630 Section 700, Wednesday at 5pm CST

Q&A: STAT 651 Sections 699,700, Tuesday at 5:00pm CST, BLOC 457
Q&A: STAT 652 Sections 699,700, Thursday at 5:00pm CST, BLOC 457
Stat 651 and 652, Sections 699, 700 will appear in ecampus on January 13, 2018.

The textbook for Stat 651/652 is "Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data Analysis" by R. Lymann Ott and Michael Longnecker, 7th Edition, Duxbury.
There is no specific textbook for Stat 653
The textbook for Stat 630 is " Probability and Statistics, the Science of Uncertainty" by Michael J. Evans and Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, 2nd ed., W. H. Freeman and Company.

JMP version 13 will be used as the statistical software in Stat 651, 652 and small part of 653 classes. The free JMP software will be provided. The jmp steps/instructions will be either provided/demonstrated during the lectures or hws or as in the form of extra videos.

SAS will be used for most material in Stat 653 and R in Stat 630.

All courses (Stat 630, 651, Stat 652, Stat 653):
The syllabus will be posted in howdy before the end of December 2017.
Webassign will be used for homework and exams/assesssment. Its login instructions and other details will be in the ecampus when the course appears for registered students.

ecampus will be used for all other course work. You need your netid and password for ecampus. Webassign login information will be in ecampus.

Be ready to be organized and determined to work so that you can keep up with the information. The due dates/times are very important and it is your responsibility to keep up.

Office hours:TBA in Blocker 417A. Discussion board in ecampus otherwise

INSTRUCTOR: Derya Akleman. Ph.D
Office: Department of Statistics, BLOC 417A
Email: akleman