Some Links:

Programs I've been involved in:

Health of Houston Survey 2010: Project that I worked on during my masters training which created my interest in health disparity research. You can see an example of work that I did by clicking "here."

Cancer Prevention Training Program: Excellent summer program for undergraduates and graduates interested in Cancer Prevention research at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston,TX.

Tools (All free!):

RStudio: R with a better GUI - view help, plots, data management, files, and coding all in one screen.

Lyx: Think of it as LaTeX with word processing GUI.

Share LaTeX: Edit and publish any LaTeX project on any internet accessible computer! Doesn't have the capabilities of Lyx but is really useful when you are working on a machine that doesn't have LaTeX installed.

Zotero: If you have to use Microsoft Word to write a report and need a good bibliography alternative to Bibtex, try Zotero.


Great reference for learning about structural equation modeling.

Awesome place to go if you are trying to learn about different statistical packages.

Good reference for learning R.


Something I was messing around my PhD its a work in progress.