Colleagues in Statistical Bioinformatics

Edward Dougherty
edward at
Web Page

Edward Dougherty is Professor of Electrical Engineering and one of the principals in the Bioinformatics Training Program. His work focuses on signal processing theory and applications in genomic signal processing. He is a member of the Genomic Signal Processing Laboratory

Faming Liang
fliang at
Web page

Faming Liang is an Associate Professor at Texas A&M, specializing in advanced statistical computing, proteomics and phylogenetic tree reconstruction. He is an associate directory of the Bayesian Bioinformatics Laboratory.

Bani Mallick
bmallick at
Personal web page

Bani Mallick is Professor of Statistics at Texas A&M. He is a fellow of the ASA and is one of the principals in our Bioinformatics Training Program. He directs the Bayesian Bioinformatics Laboratory.

Naisyin Wang
nwang at
Web page

Naisyin Wang is Professor of Statistics and Toxicology at Texas A&M. She is a fellow of the ASA and IMS, and the current editor of Biometrics. She has worked closely with our lab over many years.

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