• “BVSNLP: An R package for High Dimensional Bayesian Variable Selection for Binary and Survival Outcome Data”
    Descriptions: This package are written fully in C with a wrapper in R. It has the parallel computing feauture with MPI backend
    which enables the package to be executed in cluster exploiting hundreds of CPUs.

  • “Interactive Nonlocal Prior Density”
    Descriptions: An R-Shiny app to illustrate how changes of hyperparameters would affect two types of nonlocal priors, MOM and iMOM
    both in their behavior around zero and in the tails. It also demonstrates the overlap between null MLE density and the iMOM prior.
    After setting hyperparameters, figures can also be downloaded in both PNG and PDF format.

  • “Comparison of Posterior Odds for Pvalues of 0.05 and 0.005”
    Descriptions: An R-Shiny app to illustrate in two scenarios of p-values 0.05 and 0.005, how posterior odds changes in favor of the
    alternative hypothesis by changes in prior odds as well as mean under alternative hypothesis.