Amir Nikooienejad


Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Statistics, Texas A&M University


Address: 3143 TAMU, College Station, TX, 77843

Office: 433
Email: amir (AT) stat(dot)tamu(dot)edu

About Me

I am currently postdoctral research associate in the department of statistics at Texas A&M university, working with Prof. Valen Johnson.
My focus in research has been on developing a precise Bayesian Variable Selection procedure for high dimensional datasets with different response
data such as binary and survival outcomes. Uniformly Most Powerful Bayesian Tests is another topic that I am interested to and have been working on.
In general, my research interests are different areas of Bayesian statistics including:

  • Bayesian variable selection

  • Bayesian hypoethsis testing

  • Network and community detection

  • Bayesian methods in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

News and Updates

  • The package BVSNLP is now available on CRAN. December 19, 2017. [Link]

  • I was awarded the College of Science's Leadership in Equity and Diversity (LEAD) award. September 20, 2017. [Link]

  • I will start my post doc with Prof. Valen Johnson. September 4, 2017.

  • I defended my Ph.D. dissertation, titled “Bayesian Variable Selectoin in High dimensional Cancer Genomic Studies Using Nonlocal Priors”. August 29, 2017.