R Package brlrmr

This provides two main functions, il() and fil(). The il() function implements the EM algorithm developed by Ibrahim and Lipsitz (1996) to estimate the parameters of a logistic regression model with the missing response when the missing data mechanism is nonignorable. The fil() function implements the algorithm proposed by Maity et. al. (2017+) to reduce the bias produced by the method of Ibrahim and Lipsitz (1996).

Visualization Tool AMPShiny

This was developed as part of Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic modeling (PK/PD). This was developed to monitor the output obtained from Phase I clinical data and hence the term Automated Monitoring of Phase I data (AMP). The recently developed webinteracting application based package RShinny was used to design this automatic visualization tool. To enable hovering feature RPlotly was used.

R Package intsurvbin

R Package sahpm

R Package hsaft