R Package brlrmr

This provides two main functions, il() and fil(). The il() function implements the EM algorithm developed by Ibrahim and Lipsitz (1996) to estimate the parameters of a logistic regression model with the missing response when the missing data mechanism is nonignorable. The fil() function implements the algorithm proposed by Maity et. al. (2017+) to reduce the bias produced by the method of Ibrahim and Lipsitz (1996).

Analysis of TCGA gene expression data

This provides simple survival pattern for each gene along with few statistical summaries. The tool is here

Visualization Tool AMPShiny

This was developed as part of Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic modeling (PK/PD). This was developed to monitor the output obtained from Phase I clinical data and hence the term Automated Monitoring of Phase I data (AMP). The recently developed webinteracting application based package RShinny was used to design this automatic visualization tool. To enable hovering feature RPlotly was used.

R Package intsurvbin

R Package sahpm

R Package hsaft