Alan Dabney

Associate Professor of Statistics

2016-2019 Eppright Professor of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence

Texas A&M University

Office: 459B Blocker Building
FAX: (979) 845-3144
Address: Department of Statistics, Texas A&M University, College Station TX 77843 USA.
Appointments: You can book a meeting with me here.

I received a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the University of Washington and joined the faculty in the Department of Statistics at A&M in 2006. I am currently an Associate Professor and holder of the Eppright Professorship in Undergraduate Teaching Excellence. I frequently collaborate across disciplines to apply statistical methodology to research projects in a wide variety of application areas, most recently including biomedicine, genomics, public health, forensics, and business analytics. In addition, I am co-Director of the newly-created Undergraduate Program in the Department of Statistics. I am also co-author of the 2013 popular-science publication Cartoon Introduction to Statistics, which was favorably reviewed by many media sources, including The Economist, Scientific American, and Publishers Weekly.

My Google Scholar profile.

RATIONAL LEARNING: I will be teaching a special topics course in Fall 2017-2018 called "Rational Learning"; here is a draft syllabus. The course will blend probability, philosophy, scientific inquiry, and common sense to argue for an inclusive and compassionate worldview. This semester, I am offering a seminar series to preview the class and collect preliminary data from students. The first seminar was on Sep. 28; here is a flier, here are my slides from the presentation, and here is a link to a screencast recording of the seminar. The second seminar was on Oct. 26; here is a flier, here are my slides, and here is a screencast. The next seminar is scheduled for Nov. 30.