Alan Dabney

Associate Professor of Statistics

2016-2019 Eppright Professor of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence

Texas A&M University

Office: 459B Blocker Building
FAX: (979) 845-3144
Address: Department of Statistics, Texas A&M University, College Station TX 77843 USA.
Appointments: You can book a meeting with me here.

I received a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the University of Washington and joined the faculty in the Department of Statistics at A&M in 2006. I am currently an Associate Professor and holder of the Eppright Professorship in Undergraduate Teaching Excellence. I frequently collaborate across disciplines to apply statistical methodology to research projects in a wide variety of application areas, most recently including biomedicine, genomics, public health, forensics, and business analytics. In addition, I am co-Director of the newly-created Undergraduate Program in the Department of Statistics. I am also co-author of the 2013 popular-science publication Cartoon Introduction to Statistics, which was favorably reviewed by many media sources, including The Economist, Scientific American, and Publishers Weekly.

My Google Scholar profile.

RATIONAL LEARNING: A rational, reasoned, and scientific understanding of the world naturally leads to an inclusive and compassionate worldview, and 'self-optimization' comes through mindful application of love.

I will teach a new class (LBAR 489) in fall 2017 called 'rational learning'; here is the syllabus. This past semester, I delivered two seminars to preview the class and get feedback. The first seminar was on Sep. 28, 2016; here is a flier, here are my slides from the presentation, and here is a link to a screencast recording of the seminar. The second seminar was on Oct. 26, 2016; here is a flier, here are my slides, and here is a screencast. Drawing from these materials, I led a session at a Feb. 24, 2017 symposium for faculty, graduate students, staf, and postdocs in the sciences titled 'Insights and strategies for promoting personal well-being, inclusiveness and compassion'; here are my slides, which include references. On Mar. 10, 2017, I, along with Professors Gil Rosenthal and Matt Sachs from biology, will participate in an 'Office Hours' event organized by Luke Oaks, an enterprising Aggie undergraduate. The event will consist of informal conversations with each individual faculty member, with a theme of 'being compassionate'; here is a flyer.